306 Legacy Trail

About 306 Legacy Trail

Completed in April 2009, 306 Legacy Trail, a Navarro Lowrey EcoPlex® Project is a 6,000 square foot residence that was developed to be a comfortable, elegant and environmentally sustainable residence for a family of six. The resulting project is 62% more efficient than a typical home built to code and earned LEED® for Homes Gold certification. The south-facing orientation of the home not only opens the dramatic mountain views to most of the interior living spaces, but also invites solar gains in a measured fashion, helping to passively heat the living spaces in the winter and also allowing daylighting to occur during the summer months without overheating the interior. The primary theme of resource conservation is expressed throughout the home and is openly communicated to the occupant family and its guests. Most of the interior materials contain recycled content which positively impact the appearance of the various counters and cabinets while prompting discussion about their composition. The solar photovoltaic and thermal systems are visible to guests and also become topics for conversation, especially as it relates to the home's net, annual energy costs.

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